Choice the Producer calls home Dallas, Texas. " Choice" short for Choice The Producer, creates music made for vibing out with and chilling to. The productions create a sense of liming. Liming is an actual activity, referring to the art of doing nothing while sharing drinks, conversation, laugher and vibes with friends. Liming simply means "lets chill or hangout".  

 Choice has been involved with music from an early age. The style of music that Choice produces reflects some struggles and pain of growing up. The energy of pain and struggle was later transferred into strength, determination and relaxation, or VIBING. Choice stands in a league of her own by creating music that not only tells a story you can relate to without lyrics but a production that moves your soul once lyrics are added. The productions of Choice transcends into a world of VIBES. 

Choice will be launching a host of upcoming productions centered around elements of vibes. Contact 83VIBES PRODUCTIONS for more information regarding beat purchases, collaborations or sponsorships. Check out the latest productions and join the VIBERS network.